GojiLog – Beta

GojiLog is a high performance log monitoring and rummaging tool.


  • Log File Monitoring

    Robust high performance log file tail, monitoring and viewing in real-time.

  • Automatic Updates

    GojiLog is automatically updated regularly with new features.

  • Powerful Search

    Quickly filter views on selected text or regular expressions.

  • Flexible Row Highlighting

    Quickly highlight rows on selected text or regular expressions.

  • Boogers

    Visual search sidebars give live bird's-eye views of relevent data and point-and-click navigation to areas such as errors.

  • Tab Groups

    Tabbed interface with tab group creation for side-by-side file viewing.

  • Live Views

    File views, search views and booger views respond to file append, overwrite and deletion in real-time.

  • Data Drill-Down

    Refine search results by creating new search views from existing searches. Quickly drill down to relevant data.

  • Smart Selection

    Quickly select fiddly features in text such as GUIDs, IP addresses, and underscored terms by double-clicking within text.

  • Encoding Detection

    Automatic detection of UTF-8, UTF-16 and ANSI encoded files.

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GojiLog BETA


  • Windows XP SP3 -> Windows 7
  • .Net 4.0